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The New Brazilian Franchising Law

January 3, 2020 • Quick Read: On 27 December 2019, the new Brazilian Franchising Law (“BFL”) was...

| January 3, 2020

ContractsCorporateDispute Resolution

Appointing an Agent (Sales Representative) in Brazil

November 5, 2019 • Quick Read: Agents under Brazilian law: An agent under Brazilian law is a person or legal...

| November 5, 2019

CorporateIntellectual PropertyTax and Customs

Setting Up a Company in Brazil: a Checklist

October 24, 2019 • Setting up a company in Brazil is not as simple as in most developed economies. The...

| October 24, 2019

ContractsIntellectual PropertyTax and Customs

Appointing a Distributor in Brazil

October 24, 2019 • Quick Read: Little bureaucracy: Appointing an agent in Brazil does not require any formal...

| October 24, 2019

CorporateIntellectual PropertyMigration Law

Updated: Brazil’s Data Protection Law

October 15, 2019 • Quick Read: Brazil’s first general law addressing personal data protection has come...

| October 15, 2019


Hiring an Employee in Brazil

January 14, 2020 • Brazil has a very prescriptive and detailed employment law system. The main body of law...

| January 14, 2020

Dispute Resolution

Litigation in Brazil: Unusual Features

November 26, 2019 • Litigating in Brazil is very different from litigating in common law jurisdictions. Below...

| November 26, 2019

Tax and Customs

Brazil’s Federal Revenue Department

November 25, 2019 • A brief introduction to Brazil’s all powerful tax department. What does it do? The...

| November 25, 2019

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Brazil’s Economic Freedom Law

November 1, 2019 • On 21 September 2019, Law 13,874/2019 came into force. Nicknamed the Economic...

| November 1, 2019

ContractsCorporateIntellectual PropertyTax and Customs

Cost Contribution Agreements in Brazil

October 28, 2019 • Quick Read: Cost contribution agreements (“CCAs”) allow for the sharing of costs...

| October 28, 2019

Intellectual Property

The International Trademark System (Madrid Protocol) is now Law

October 3, 2019 • On 2 October 2019, Decree 10,033/2019 was published. The Decree was the last step to be...

| October 3, 2019

Dispute Resolution

Updated: Hague Evidence Convention in Force in Brazil

October 1, 2019 • The Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters (commonly...

| October 1, 2019

ContractsGovernment Procurement and PPPsMining LawTax and Customs

Low tax on importing goods into Brazil: the Temporary Admission Regime

September 23, 2019 • Brazil’s temporary admission regime (regime de admissão temporária) allows...

| September 23, 2019

ContractsCorporateDispute ResolutionGovernment Procurement and PPPsIntellectual PropertyMigration LawMining LawTax and Customs

Translation of Declaration of Rights of Economic Freedom

September 21, 2019 • Below in italics is my translation of Chapter II of Law 13,874/2019, together with links....

| September 21, 2019

ContractsDispute ResolutionGovernment Procurement and PPPsIntellectual Property

State of São Paulo Approves Arbitration for Government Contracts

August 13, 2019 • Well-regarded arbitration institutions may be chosen to resolve disputes with the State....

| August 13, 2019

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