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CorporateIntellectual Property

Brazil’s Data Protection Law to come into force TODAY

September 18, 2020 • Brazil's General Data Protection Law is a comprehensive piece of legislation addressing...

| September 18, 2020

CorporateIntellectual PropertyTax and Customs

Setting Up a Company in Brazil: a Checklist

April 30, 2020 • A checklist with the key issues you will need to consider when setting up a company in...

| April 30, 2020

ContractsDispute Resolution

Contract Law: Force Majeure and Hardship in Brazil

March 18, 2020 • Quick read: The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has caused major disruptions to...

| March 18, 2020

Dispute Resolution

Litigation in Brazil: Unusual Features

November 26, 2019 • Litigating in Brazil is very different from litigating in common law jurisdictions. Below...

| November 26, 2019

ContractsGovernment Procurement and PPPs

WTO’s Agreement on Public Procurement – Brazil seeks submissions

August 24, 2020 • The Brazilian government is seeking submissions from interested private parties and civil...

| August 24, 2020

Tax and Customs

No income tax withheld on technical services and support on payments to Finland

August 17, 2020 • The Brazilian Federal Revenue Department's new ruling confirms that no income tax is to...

| August 17, 2020

CorporateTax and Customs

Investing in Brazil via a Share Investment Fund (“FIP”)

April 24, 2020 • A share investment fund (fundo de investimento em participações, “FIP”) is a...

| April 24, 2020


Changes to Corporate Rules: Online Meetings and Extended Deadlines

April 20, 2020 • Corporate meetings can now be held partially or totally online. This applies to...

| April 20, 2020


Covid-19: Emergency Credit Lines for SMEs

March 30, 2020 • The Brazilian government has announced a new credit line worth R$4 billion to provide...

| March 30, 2020

Government Procurement and PPPs

Government Procurement: Brazil Opening to Foreign Bidders

February 28, 2020 • Brazil's public procurement rules have been changed to increase competition by...

| February 28, 2020

CorporateIntellectual PropertyTax and Customs

Simplified Special Regime for Brazilian Startups

January 22, 2020 • On 24 April 2019, Complementary Law 167/2019 (“Law”) was published. The Law creates a...

| January 22, 2020

Intellectual PropertyTax and Customs

Tax Reform: Brazil to Adopt Australian/NZ GST System

January 21, 2020 • For the first time in decades, the current Brazilian government is taking actual steps to...

| January 21, 2020


Hiring an Employee in Brazil

January 14, 2020 • Here are the key issues relating to hiring an employee in Brazil....

| January 14, 2020

ContractsCorporateDispute ResolutionIntellectual Property

The New Brazilian Franchising Law

January 3, 2020 • Quick Read: On 27 December 2019, the new Brazilian Franchising Law (“BFL”) was...

| January 3, 2020

Tax and Customs

Brazil’s Federal Revenue Department

November 25, 2019 • A brief introduction to Brazil’s all powerful tax department. What does it do? The...

| November 25, 2019

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