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CorporateIntellectual PropertyTax and Customs

Setting Up a Company in Brazil: a Checklist

May 13, 2022 • Company registration in Brazil is getting easier. Here you will find the key issues you...

| May 13, 2022

ContractsCorporateIntellectual PropertyTax and Customs

Brazil has a new Foreign Exchange Law

February 11, 2022 • Brazil’s new Foreign Exchange Law introduces material improvements to Brazil’s...

| February 11, 2022


Non-residents: Less Bureaucracy to Invest in Brazilian Securities

February 9, 2022 • New Brazilian regulations make it easier for non-resident investors to invest in...

| February 9, 2022


Brazilian Corporations: Non-Residents Can Become Executive Directors

January 23, 2022 • Non-residents (Brazilians or foreigners) can now be executive directors of Brazilian...

| January 23, 2022

ContractsCorporateGovernment Procurement and PPPsTax and Customs

New Rules on Giving Gifts and Providing Hospitality to Brazilian Federal Officials

January 11, 2022 • New regulations set out rules about the giving gifts and providing hospitality to Federal...

| January 11, 2022

Dispute Resolution

Litigation in Brazil: Unusual Features

October 21, 2021 • Litigating in Brazil is different from litigating in common law jurisdictions. Sworn...

| October 21, 2021

Dispute Resolution

Brazil: Hague Evidence Convention

October 21, 2021 • The Hague Evidence Convention governs the obtaining evidence in Brazil....

| October 21, 2021

ContractsCorporateEmploymentTax and Customs

Hiring an Employee in Brazil

October 21, 2021 • Looking to hire an employee in Brazil? Here are the key rules and issues involved....

| October 21, 2021

Dispute Resolution

New Limitation Periods for Enforcing Judgments

September 13, 2021 • The time limits for enforcing judgments in Brazil have been changed. These changes apply...

| September 13, 2021

Dispute Resolution

Service of Process is Now by Email in Brazil

September 2, 2021 • Service by email the default method of service of process in Brazil. This has major...

| September 2, 2021

Government Procurement and PPPs

Brazil has a new Procurement Law

April 29, 2021 • A new Procurement Law came into force in Brazil on 1 April 2021. However, the old...

| April 29, 2021

CorporateDispute Resolution

UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency in Force in Brazil

February 2, 2021 • On 23 January 2021, Law 14,112/2020 came into force. This Law substantially amended the...

| February 2, 2021

CorporateIntellectual Property

Brazil’s Data Protection Law is in force

September 18, 2020 • Brazil's General Data Protection Law is a comprehensive piece of legislation addressing...

| September 18, 2020

ContractsGovernment Procurement and PPPs

WTO’s Agreement on Public Procurement – Brazil seeks submissions

August 24, 2020 • The Brazilian government is seeking submissions from interested private parties and civil...

| August 24, 2020

Tax and Customs

No income tax withheld on technical services and support on payments to Finland

August 17, 2020 • The Brazilian Federal Revenue Department's new ruling confirms that no income tax is to...

| August 17, 2020

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