Faster visas for US, Australian, Canadian and Japanese Citizens

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US, Australian, Canadian and Japanese citizens will be able apply online for Brazilian visitor visas. The e-visa is already available for Australian citizens and will come online for on 11 January 2018 for Japanese citizens, 18 January 2018 for Canadian citizens, and 25 January 2018 for US citizens.

The application is much cheaper (US$40) and quicker than the usual process involving the paper application through Brazil’s embassies and consulates.

The e-visa program includes applications for the following visa categories:

  • business;
  • tourism;
  • transit;
  • journalism;
  • sport activities;
  • artistic activities;
  • seminars or conferences: and
  • cultural program.

The Brazilian government opted for using the services of VFS.Global, a well-known e-visa processing provider. This is good news, as the system is likely to face few implementation problems.

The e-visa program is part of substantial changes implemented by the new Migration Law and related its regulations.

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Last modified: October 13, 2021